Skin Pigmentation Disorders, Brown Spots, Pregnancy Mask, etc. - How To Become Healthy
Skin Pigmentation Disorders, Brown Spots, Pregnancy Mask, etc.

Skin Pigmentation Disorders, Brown Spots, Pregnancy Mask, etc.

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Skin Pigmentation Disorders

UV rays and skin aging can lead to skin pigmentation disorders in women. How do they develop and how can they be effectively treated? An overview of the topic


Different types of skin pigmentation disorders

From the age of 30, some women develop pigment irregularities on the skin. This can be the result of different disturbances:
  • Lentigo, also called age spots, is mainly caused by the intrinsic aging of the skin. Lentigo Solaris, on the other hand, is the result of regular, long stays in the sun.
  • The melasma is generally the result of an unbalanced hormone balance. It occurs after taking certain medications on or after unprotected exposure to the sun during pregnancy (hence the term pregnancy mask).
  • Liver spots also called ephelides.
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation, for example after acne picking. The skin patch, in this case, results from the excess production of melanin caused by the inflammation.

These spots are completely harmless, but they do not look pretty.


When melanin production is interrupted...
Sun, skin aging and genes are among the key factors that influence skin pigmentation. From the age of 30, these factors can disrupt melanin production and distribution. Melanin is the pigment responsible for the skin tone. Melanin is distributed irregularly in the skin and accumulates on the surface of the epidermis. The result: The skin pigmentation becomes irregular, dark spots form on the surface of the skin.


Combat hyperpigmentation
To prevent the appearance of dark spots and to restore a radiant, even complexion, a good, daily skin care program is important:

  • In the morning, give an anti-blemish treatment on the face and neck. The training of hyperpigmentation is a continuous process that needs to be treated on a daily basis.
  • Protect the skin with UVA and UVB filters from sunlight. In strong sunlight select a high sun protection factor. Sunlight is the deciding factor for the appearance and intensity of dark spots. Sunscreen is, therefore, the basis of any treatment.

Your dermatologist can also introduce you to various techniques for correcting dark spots (laser, peeling, cry therapy, etc.). Only the Dermatologist can make an accurate diagnosis and offer you a treatment that is suitable for your skin type.


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